HOT ENTERTAINMENT and BULLITT together are one of the largest independent Japanese AV production companies and have been producing unique movies for over 25 years. After a 'fun' visit to their Shibuya office where we met their hardball CEO, we're pleased to announce that we have reached a licensing deal and will begin showing their releases on ZENRA in Spring of 2016. Our initial updates from their vast body of work will be titles focused on LESBIAN NANPA, HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG, and NEWHALF NANPA. What's more, all updates will be in HD and being dialog-heavy nanpa titles, our exclusive English subtitles are a given.

Successful Nanpa Conquests of Real Masseuses Part Two SubtitledHDExclusive (September 16 2016)

The second half of a huge hotel massage gone wrong nanpa title by BULLITT featuring young and attractive masseuses having surprise sex with their clients.

  • successful nanpa conquests of real masseuses
  • japanese photographer instructs masseuse to strip
  • photographer shows masseuse his work
  • masseuse has sex with client
  • embarrassed masseuse butt in air and fingered
  • female japanese massage therapist treated by client
Successful Nanpa Conquests of Real Masseuses Part One SubtitledHDExclusive (September 12 2016)

BULLITT presents Japanese masseuses in business hotels who square off against impressive nanpa pickup artists who have many techniques at their disposal.

  • successful nanpa conquests of real masseuses
  • pale japanese woman naked and fingered
  • naked japanese woman eaten out from behind
  • female massage therapist asked if she has boyfriend
  • stripped japanese massage therapist gives blowjob
  • butt massage given by japanese masseuse
Young Mothers Volleyball Hazing Club SubtitledHDExclusive (August 01 2016)

BULLITT concocts the tale of a curious milf news reporter who discovers the existence of a young mothers volleyball team structured around lesbian hazing.

  • aggressive hazing by female volleyball coach
  • cowgirl lesbian sex with strap on dildo
  • oral sex next to toilet with japanese lesbians
  • impromptu sex talk with volleyball player and female coach
  • young mothers volleyball hazing club
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Massages Gone Wrong in HD Part Two SubtitledHDExclusive (June 11 2016)

Part Two of Massages Gone Wrong in HD with even more hard at work nanpa by aroused hotel customers and older masseuses by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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  • naked japanese masseuse sex from behind
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Massages Gone Wrong in HD Part One SubtitledHDExclusive (June 04 2016)

Massages Gone Wrong returns in HD featuring older masseuses and clients who ask for and receive extra services by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

  • massages gone wrong in hd
  • japanese masseuse first day on job
  • japanese massages gone wrong in hd
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Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Part Two SubtitledHDExclusive (April 09 2016)

The conclusion of Japanese AV stars looking for female friends with benefits with embarrassed amateurs and more uses of strap-on dildos by HOT ENTERTAINMEN...

  • Real Lesbian Nanpa in HD
  • Lesbian sixtynine with exposed gyaru anus
  • Hyper dark Japanese gyaru lesbian oral sex
  • Surprise ball gag during interview
  • Shy lesbian asked to cum
  • CFNF amateur has breasts covered by Hibiki Otsuki
Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Part One SubtitledHDExclusive (April 02 2016)

Experienced Japanese AV stars go on nanpa missions targeting real amateurs to become their lesbian sex friends by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

  • Lesbian Nanpa in HD
  • Gyaru lesbian sixtynine at Japanese love hotel
  • CFNF Japanese lesbian foreplay
  • Japanese lesbian sex friends embrace
  • Nude embracing Japanese lesbians kiss
  • Japanese lesbian nanpa begins