Titles that focus on CFNM (clothed female, naked male) along with ample doses of femdom (be it clothed or naked) populate this niche of ZENRA.

The Polemic War on Masochistic Erections Subtitled (October 28 2015)

Dominant and fortunately very attractive clothed Japanese women tease stark naked masochistic men and their rather embarrassing erections by GUTS.

  • Japanese women teases man
  • Japanese CFNM with ejaculation by two women
  • Clothed women confront man in underwear
  • Japanese women inspect naked man
  • Shy naked man with clothed dominant women
  • Two women with man in underwear
Rui Saotome in My Gokkun Anniversary SubtitledExclusive (September 26 2015)

Practically flawless recently retired Japanese AV star Rui Saotome takes part in a special total POV gokkun release brought to you by RASH.

  • Rui Saotome in maid uniform
  • Naughty foreplay with Rui Saotome
  • CFNM handjob by Rui Saotome
  • Rui Saotome sucks on testicles
  • Mouth stuffed with semen for gokkun
  • Rui Saotome with semen in mouth
Kana Ohori - Eighteen Ejaculations and Counting SubtitledExclusive (August 01 2015)

Unstoppable gokkun returns via our arrangement with RASH where we meet semen-deprived Kana Ohori who loves swallowing it more than anything else with subti...

  • Japanese student with college professor
  • POV glans licking Japanese nurse
  • POV nurse handjob by Kana Ohori
  • Kana Ohori the Japanese nurse gives oral sex
  • Japanese gokkun semen frothing zoomed in
  • Japanese CFNM handjob by Kana Ohori
Uta Kohaku in Semen Bubbles SubtitledExclusive (June 13 2015)

Hyper charismatic Japanese AV star Uta Kohaku is down for nearly anything involving her extra long tongue including extreme gokkun play with English subtit...

  • Introducing Uta Kohaku
  • POV Japanese blowjob with butt in air
  • Naked Japanese woman licks nipples
  • Uta Kohaku mouth full of semen
  • Uta Kohaku pulls semen from mouth
  • Uta Kohaku mouth full of sperm
Buried in Beautiful Butts Subtitled (May 27 2015)

Japanese CFNM with a decidedly butt theme as dominant women tease naked men by using their derrieres in the most indecent of ways with subtitles.

  • Japanese women sit on face
  • Double facesitting threesome in Japan
  • Facesitting CFNM handjob by Japanese women
  • CFNM buttjob in Japan
  • Japanese double butt facesitting
  • Double Japanese buttjob
My Pantyhose Fetish Came to Haunt Me Subtitled (April 25 2015)

Japanese men have their bizarre pantyhose fetishes acted out by dominant women with extreme streaks of harsh femdom with English subtitles.

  • Japanese man on leash
  • Two feet CFNM Japanese footjob
  • Japanese man licks toes of dominant woman
  • Japanese CFNM footjob
  • Japanese woman rubs foot into face
  • Pantyhose foot in naked man mouth
All Things Armpits Subtitled (February 21 2015)

Nonstop focus on the beauty of the Japanese amateur female armpit by means of sniffing and voluntary plucking and even a unique take on handjobs with subti...

  • Smiling Japanese amateur close up
  • Nipple licking masturbation help
  • CFNM armpit handjob by bikini woman
  • Embarrasing armpit handjob by amateur
  • Masturbation help via armpit
  • Penis against armpit
CFNM Bipolar Hand Service Subtitled (January 31 2015)

Japanese schoolgirls with serious on and off cases of extreme ennui alternate engaging in senzuri with all out CFNM facesitting handjobs with English subti...

  • Japanese schoolgirl stares at crotch
  • Outdoor walking Japanese schoolgirl
  • Clothed Japanese schoolgirl provides handjob
  • Japanese facesitting with handjob
  • Japanese schoolgirl realistic senzuri
  • Japanese CFNM scenario
Sauna Ladies Undercover Subtitled Subtitled (December 13 2014)

Sauna Ladies goes meta when the production company credited for their creation hears a rumor that they actually do exist and search for them with subtitles...

  • Sauna Ladies discovery
  • Groin bathing service in Japan
  • Close to blowjob covert service in bathroom
  • CFNM spa handjob
  • Erotic Sauna Ladies search
  • Late night Sauna Ladies mission
Japanese Herbivorous Man Receives Surprise Fellatio Subtitled (August 23 2014)

Confidence lacking Japanese herbivorous man is introduced to various women in a studio van and discusses issues of inadequacy with subtitles.

  • Japanese outdoor interview
  • Japanese woman measures penis
  • Bottomless CFNM penis inspection
  • Bottomless Japanese CFNM with amateur woman
  • Low confidence man interview in Japan
  • Closeup of amateur Japanese mouth
Japanese Schoolgirls and No Confidence Man Subtitled (June 28 2014)

Japanese schoolgirls are picked up off the street and star in a bizarre late night TV show starring a CFNM man lacking confidence with a twist with subtitl...

  • Japanese schoolgirls street nanpa
  • Naked man receives handjob from clothed woman
  • Japanese schoolgirls on TV show
  • Japanese schoolgirls nanpa
  • Schoolgirl gives powerful blowjob
  • CFNM shy man with erection and schoolgirls
Penis Enlargement Training School Subtitled (January 25 2014)

Japanese men lacking intimacy skills due to low confidence because of small endowments take part in a strange hands on CFNM education seminar with subtitle...

  • Japanese penis size lecture
  • Japanese CFNM penis measuring close up
  • Smiling Japanese nurses penis staredown
  • CFNM Japanese nurses handjob
  • Gyaru nurse measures penis
  • Optimistic Japanese teacher in class
CFNM Masturbation Support Cafe Subtitled (November 30 2013)

Acumen infused Japanese schoolgirls with decreasingly short skirts open a bizarre yet profitable masturbation support cafe in school with a heavy CFNM them...

  • Japanese schoolgirls masturbation cafe
  • Japanese schoolgirl wears micro panties with bush showing
  • New hire at Japanese schoolgirl masturbation support cafe
  • Bottomless CFNM anal inspection in school
  • Group of Japanese schoolgirls with CFNM masturbating client
  • Japanese schoolgirls masturbation harem course
Fellatio Cleaning Ladies Subtitled (October 19 2013)

Accidental ejaculations occur in places such as bathhouses and spas and the Japanese fellatio cleaning ladies come to the rescue with subtitles.

  • Japanese fellatio cleaning ladies
  • Double orgasm via Japanese CFNM attendants
  • Fellatio cleaning lady laps up semen
  • Fellatio cleaning lady cleans up semen with tongue
  • CFNM outdoor Japanese massage
  • Japanese nurse dealing with accidental ejaculation
My First Ejaculation Salon Subtitled (August 17 2013)

Innocent Japanese men who have never discovered the bliss of a milky ejaculation become clients at a unique CFNM sexual massage salon with subtitles.

  • Japanese virgin CFNM salon interview
  • Studious Japanese student receives massage
  • Smiling Japanese masseuse gives anal massage with handjob
  • Sexual intercourse service at Japanese spa
  • Spread legged CFNM blowjob massage with kissing
  • CFNM Japanese massage virgin handjob demonstration