Productions that star curious women doing things with other like-minded women.

Subtitled Japanese Lesbian Massage Subtitled (May 17 2014)

Japanese massage clinic for women offers special and surprisingly on the menu erotic treatment services for its burgeoning client base with subtitles.

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My First Time with Teacher Subtitled Subtitled (April 27 2013)

Curious lesbian Japanese teachers find themselves in situations where their desire for their young and pert schoolgirl pupils overrides modesty with subtit...

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  • Concerned Japanese student talks to teacher at home
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Japanese Lesbian Oil Massage with Subtitles Subtitled (January 01 2013)

Japanese housewives and office ladies take time out of their torpid schedules for a holistic lesbian themed oil massage like no other with subtitles.

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Subtitled Milf Lesbian Massage Spa Subtitled (October 09 2012)

A subtitled look at a strange and bizarre Japanese massage clinic consisting of only female staff and clients with lesbian themed sensual oil massages.

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Japanese Schoolgirl Lesbian Romance Subtitled (June 05 2012)

Japan lesbian schoolgirl romance with two AV stars including one who has never had a bisexual experience but is given the role of the instigator with subti...

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Kurumi Morishita and Nao Oikawa Subtitled (July 05 2005)

A subtitled story of Japanese lesbian schoolgirl friends from years past who rekindle their passionate flame starring Nao Oikawa and Kurumi Morishita.

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